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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 29, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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this is a serious storm. potentially it could have failed consequences if people did not act quickly. >> the president is at the white house monitoring the federal government's response to the storm. more than 400 flights had been canceled at o'hare and 90 flights have been canceled at midway. passengers can not get
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in or out of new york city, boston washington dc or philadelphia. airlines are waiving fees for passengers in some areas and in some cases offering refunds. >> even when we were on the scene we could see the storm developing. it made everyone kind of on averageedge. were anxious to get home. >> amtrak stop service between washington d.c. and chicago. >> people i've been warned to take caution on chicago's lakefront because of hurricane sandy. it could with up waves higher than double decker buses. 20 ft. waves are expected this evening and 33 ft. waves are expected tomorrow.
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>> president obama is canceling his appearance at a campaign event in ohio with former president bill clinton. he also canceled an event in virginia. >> michelle obama got out of washington a day early and spent the night here in chicago. she will fly to iowa for a couple campaign appearances and then get back to chicago where she will wait out the storm. she has canceled an appearance tomorrow in new hampshire. >> mitt romney cancelled events in virginia and new hampshire and is moving his campaign and land. inland. both campaigners are urging supporters to donate to storm charities. >> hms bounty was in distress
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about 90 mi. southeast of north carolina. the captain gave the order to abandon ship at a coast and the coast guard helicopter was sent to rescue crew members from lifeboats. two members of the cruel are still missing. this is a photo of the hms bounty known for the mutiny that took place. it was the start of the movie mutiny on the bounty starring marlon brando. >> the victim has been identified as 68 year-olda 68 year-old retired bus driver. his neighbors said he was a great guy who was kind and giving. to
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see the house this afternoon you would never know there was anything that had happened there last night. it was locked up tight with a change on the front gate. the man who lived with him came home and found the door kick in with the victim lying dead on the floor. he had been shot in the chest. neighbors say he had probably just come home when he was shot. they said he just put up a date around his house a month ago to keep random people from sitting on his porch. they say he was a nice guy who cared about the neighborhood. >> he was a real neighbor. he looked out for everybody on the block. he was always trying to keep kids out of trouble. he was just a good guy. this is a tragedy that goes beyond a random shooting.
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>> a real mystery this afternoon. police said they have no motive or suspects in the case. neighbors say they have no idea who would want to harm him. he is the father of two adult daughters. >> with that killing chicago has not equalled the total number of homicides in all of last year. there are still two more months remaining. >> we think that we have a groundbreaking strategy that is taking root and starting to work. we anticipate we're going
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to keep going in that direction. >> we are taking you live back to manhattan. the latest on how new york city is responding to hurricane sandy. >> good morning. i will tell you that we are finally feeling the effects of sandy as she makes her way on shore. right now that wind is typical in any hurricane situation. it is starting to come through. it is blowing left and right. what is not very typical is that it is cold out here. it feels like october but we are getting these taking effect across the city. midtown manhattan is still very much a
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ghost town. we said over and over again these streets would be packed. visitors bystanders, people who live here locally. the big story now our mayors sayingnow is water is rising faster than expected. down by battery park is where waters rise fast. that is what affects the tunnel. we just understand that tunnels leading to the brooklyn battery tunnel and the holland tunnel are being shot downshut down and just about an hour. the real threat
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is the subways. the subway system could be damaged long term if that salt water gets into the system. that is a very real possibility. you see some of these umbrellas. some people just getting out for what might be the last time before sandy makes her way in here. we are expecting a 6-12 ft. storm surge. we're not really sure how bad it is going to get. we will continue to monitor the situation. >> we will have more on the storm later. >> and new information about the nanny accused of murdering two children in her care in new york.
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we saw that last tide commercial with the parents and the cute little baby triplets... well wait until your triplets move back home after college. we were enjoying our empty nest. and now it's just a nest full of laundry. lucky underwear. we were going through so much of that bargain detergent... and the clothes didn't look as good. but since we switched to tide, we use much less. their clothes are looking much more...uh... what's the word? clean? employable. [ female announcer ] one cap of tide gives you more cleaning power than 6 caps of the bargain brand. [ mom ] that's my tide what's yours? this just got into the hands of the jury. after some brief the
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jury instructions this morning we got right into closing arguments. lawnside painted him as a cold blooded calculated killer. the other side painted him as a scared uneducated kid. >> he is so young. as i said in the opening, he is a scared, scared kid. >> he pulled back from 25 and shot and killed him, street. are those the actions of a child? that is insulting to your intelligence. there are planning a sympathy card. that is insulting to your intelligence. >> the closing argument coming from the prosecution today which spent about an hour refuting defense statements throughout the trial that he shot and
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killed one victim and wounded another out of self-defense. the defense argued they're simply too many inconsistencies to find him guilty of first-degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt. the defense says he did have a gun but only used it because he was himself frightened. >> the defense is pushing second-degree murder in the case. the prosecution says there is no way. if convicted he could get anywhere from 70
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years-life. >> 23 elena kagan these have authorized cameras in court room. cook county could see its first televised trial by the end of this year. >> a nanny accused of stabbing to children to that and trying to take her own life weeks from her coma. wakes from her coma. the children were killed last thursday. she is reportedly speaking to doctors. police have not released a motive but relatives said she recently suffered financial and emotional burdens. when she woke up she asked to see her own family. >> police have arrested a
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convicted sex offender and former pop star as part of an investigation into child sex abuse by a bbc host. gary glitter was arrested. news reports say he was seen having sex with an underage girl while the bbc host abused another girl. police say he abused more than 300 children dating back to 1959. investigators are also looking into how much the bbc news about the allegations. >> the man being held behind bars for more than two decades for molesting children is about to be released in pennsylvania. he was the main suspect in the disappearance of six year-old etan patz in new york back in 1979. he is charged with the boy's murder. the attorney for hernandez says he is mentally
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ill and police have no other evidence linking him to etan patz. he is going to be released november 7th a week before prosecutors determine whether there is more evidence against hernandez. >> the customize yacht steve jobs helped design has been unveiled more than a year after his death. the dutch website posted a picture of it. his wife and three of their children were at the ceremony held in a dutch shipyard yesterday. in the biography of steve jobs the author wrote about the apple ceos dedication to the architecture. he said he knew he might lose this battle with cancer before it was done but he chose to keep going. >> coming up homemade caramel apples with vanilla bean sea salt caramel. the new york stock exchange'sexchange
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is shutting its doors. the plan was to trade remotely while the building was closed by the securities and exchange commission decided before midnight to close trading completely. the fcc says the whole bond trading will likely continue into tuesday. >> hold on trading will likely continue until tuesday. >> verizon says is setting up a portable cellular sites in the mid-atlantic and northeast to help recover from any damage caused by the hurricane. the company has suspended non-
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emergency work in the east united states to ensure better customer service before and after the storm. >> coming up the mother of vince vaughn is here to talk about fighting obesity in america. >> and their report on life expectancy after the nation gave up their smoking habit. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defends against tender, inflamed gums sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience. crest pro-health for life. so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do.
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ú=wellness and exercise expert
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shea vaughn founded an initiative designed to combat obesity in the u.s.. she is here to tell us about how the group and to give a little does a lot foundation helped obesity. >> we are going to be talking about the fund-raiser you have me involved in. tell me a little bit about sheanetics. >> it is a combination of yoga, tight cheek martial arts ... a lot of things together. and martial arts. the tide that to everything we do and everybody we meet.
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>> tell me about the health the initiative. you got a fund- raiser at the last factory coming off this thursday >> we do. it is a program we put together because we are having chicago lead the way to fight obesity which is a national crisis. you're talking about 70 percent of adults that are overweight or obese and 33% on a national basis of children. some wanted to put something together that would be able to give back to the school and children to help educate them and bring more awareness to the nation. >> i don't do solo gigs very often. i am working on it. >> there will be entertainment
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singing, it will be fun. >> jeff conway is going to be there and i will be there. >> we really want to encourage people to come for the right reason. one is to relax and laugh and have a good time and secondly to give back because everything we raise goes to the foundation "give a little does a lit" i believe that a little ofot" >> soul lot of our viewers may not know that you are the mother of vince vaughn. you look great. what is your daily work out like? >> i have three dvds. we do
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standing seating exercises. everything flows and moves from one sequence and to the next. it is empowering. it is great. >> vince vaughn is a big guy. >> he is 6 ft. 5 in. tall. >> thanks for inviting me to this. i will see you thursday. >> thank you so much. >> pat tomasulo and i will be taking part in the laugh yourself healthy event. you can laugh with me or at me either is fine as long as you show up. tickets are $35. if you miss anything you can watch this segment again by logging onto still to
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while irene produced massive flooding and was a $4.5 billion disaster, this storm has every possibility of being worse than that. part of the problem is because of the depth wind is stronger than many storms that move in and the storm surge is stronger as well. this is so expensive, i have heard people say is a thousand miles across. it is not, it is 2,200 mi. across and reaches all across from the canadian maritime to the midwest. clouds will increase and so will win here in chicago. if this storm comes westward, look at the band's
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coming into the area. this is a hybrid storm. it is not a pure hurricane. it is a winter storm in a hurricane within it. it will be much like the perfect storm was. these are worse than hurricanes because they are much larger and the wind can pile up much larger waves. national geographic a feature on how it changed the shape of the entire eastern coast line after that storm went ashore. here is how wind is blowing here in chicago. it will pick up and pile up these big waves. if you look at the radar you can see the circulation center right there. this is the former hurricane sandy. herman cain sandy. atlantic
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city is right there a tape made new jersey. the nation's capital and baltimore right there. this is the most heavily populated corridor in the united states. what is interesting about this is the fact that cold air has been wrapped into the backside. that is why is no longer tropical. tropical systems are warm all the way across. the wind is sending a band of clouds down the lake that will be picking up. look at the wind gust coming in the area. these are all over 30 mi. per hour but nothing like what is going on here. this is in delaware, this is ocean city maryland. this is
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low tide. at high tide, which occurs this evening with a full moon, you will have water going over the barriers right there. that is when flooding will be at its worst in new york. it will affect the subway system which is the second biggest subway system in the world. here are some other rain totals from various spots in maryland. a series of graphics. wind is blowing off the coast. that is where you tend to get massive brain. these all therain. we have
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learned advisory's. the storm will be on the south jersey coast we think by evening. look at this pressure gradient right here. you'll not see this very often. look at how it spends rain showers and ourit spins rainshowers in our direction. here's where snow will fall. we have forecasts about 2 60 in. of snow or more in that area.of up to 60 in. of snow in that area. this could be a product of climate change. these films of warm air have been showing upand moredomes of warm air have been showing up more frequently. look
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at some of the storm surge forecasts. imagine raising lake michigan and adding 11 ft. waves on it. you can see atlantic city and cape may with tides of 9-10 ft. above normal. this is for 30 p.m.. a storm is about to move on shore. as it goes inland, wind will turn off shore. there could be 5-6 high tide cycles which are above normal and produce flooding out there. look at the forecast for tonight. 40 mi. per hour at noon
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and down to 30-40 mi. per hour during the late part of the day. wednesday morning wind comes down a great deal. there will be a little bit of cloud cover coming into the area. some coastal flooding right along the shorelines. fixa historic storm on the east coast. here is our forecast: north wind at 15-20 mi. per hour. tonight we expect mostly sunny skiescloudy skies. fortunately
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not many people out on the lake this time of year. by wednesday 49 partly sunny and still win the. when the. windy. >> who would've thought chicago would get pounded by this? >> a lot of people were saying it is a category one hurricane so we should stop blowing it out of proportion. this is 3-4 times the size of a typical hurricane. i remember that 1962 storm. we got out onto long beach island and it was just a devastating storm. everything was gone. freighters were on the shore. they had 40 ft. waves. >> the pictures right now we did our pretty devastating.
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>> we will be right back.
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>> your pick three numbers: 3 6
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have a great and safe afternoon. >> the bears struggled through three quarters against carolina but several bears players call that winning ugly. carolina retook the lead and with four seconds left, gould nailed a 41 yd field goal as time expired to secure the
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bears' fifth win in a row. 23-22 is the final score. >> it was pathetic offense of of what was put out there. >> we have to get better. we had to keep fighting. still tied at 3 in the 10th. two outs for the giants. tiger's down to the
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another compound in pharmacy is shot down after an inspection reveals conditions that might threaten the stability of its products. infusion restores voluntarily surrendered its
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license after inspectors found what they say were significant issues with the environment in which medications were being compounded. officials didn't release details but did say patients had been receiving intravenous medications at the pharmacy violating state law. the action follows last week's decision to revoke the license of the new england town putting center, the plant at the center of the ongoing meningitis outbreak. >> women who kick the smoking habit live longer. british researchers who followed more than a million women report life expectancy was dramatically improved among those who quit smoking compared with women who continued to smoke. all the women who stopped smoking around age 50 remained significantly higher risk of death, compared with women who never smoked, the risk was still lower than among current smokers. deaths from lung cancer were also reduced markedly and women who quit smoking.
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>> lunch break is next. we're making
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homemade caramel apples with the vanilla bean sea salt caramel. all of these recipes that the variations of vanilla. >> we talked about vanilla from all over the world. i think a lot of people think about it like they would salt or pepper, a singular flavor but really it is a lot like wine. you can use
12:52 pm
different varieties to match what you are making to blow people's minds. >> it is the perfect time of year purified. we will be making caramel apples. what you want to do to start is ... in the book i talk about how you can get the most out of vanilla ... because it is pricey. you want to put it in a hot liquid to get that flavor out. this is what i call it the
12:53 pm
vanilla bean caviar. it is going to fall out of the bean. use a knife and scrape it began. in. have a cup of sugar, a quarter cup of light brown sugar which i like because it gives it more depth of flavor. half a cup of light corn syrup. >> so really healthy. >> and use of unsalted butter
12:54 pm
because we are going to add salt later. >> we are bringing this to a boil over medium-high heat. it will start to melt together. then we can add the salt. 2 tsp. of sea salt. you need to use a flaky sea salt if you can find it. questor the sin appeared when it comes to a boil we are going to cope with the candy insert a candy thermometer. it will tell you when it is just the right texture. 242 degrees and i like to transfer it into a heatproof bowl over some simmering water. this is something you can do with your kids. bring the temperature down so what is not going to burn anybody, but still keep it
12:55 pm
smoothes over warm water. >> that was so easy. all i do is take caramels and milked them. melt. >> so you want to dip these in. let them cool for about 30 minutes. because it is nice and smooth, see how great that looks? use a spatula ... i'm going to dip this right into our salted peanuts. you can really get creative with it. >> the book we talked about is called pure vanilla. it is on the web site. see how easy this
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up when you do. can see we have hybrid hurricane sandy moving toward the east coast. and is currently located 235 mi. southeast of atlantic city new jersey and expected to make landfall this evening. strong wind in chicago and it is going to get stronger. here's another look at the radar. you can see the circulation center right there in the lower right- hand side of the screen. it is moving toward the coast line. forecasts of up to 6 in. of rain in washington d.c.. four-6 in.
12:59 pm
in new jersey. building waves at 9-12 ft.. it could raise lake levels. the storm moves into pennsylvania and starts a northward crawl. we also have clouds coming back. some of those will be lake induced. we might even get some rain showers. we might get a couple of snow flurries and extended. there is our big upper air low that is propelling the southwest word. it is producing a cool week with a lot of wind through midweek. nothing too.


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